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Posses a 2 or 4 year degree – preferably in biology or related field

Understand/speak English

Be able to move/lift 50 lbs. on a daily basis

Must be SCUBA certified 

  • Adhere to all Miami Seaquarium and Animal Care policies
  • Understand and able to complete all aspects of Fish House
  • Understand food handling, preparation and cleaning procedures
  • Maintain team player concept (cooperation, communication, trust and mutual respect), professional attitude, and physical fitness
  • Perform all daily tasks, including animals bases/food preparation, cleaning, and vitamin administration
  • Maintain safe and sanitary animal environments, working areas, and understand chemical usage
  • Learn and understand USDA standards
  • Posses knowledge and properly perform quarantine procedures
  • Able to identify all animals in appropriate area and observe any possible abnormalities
  • Properly complete animal behavior records
  • Posses basic knowledge of animal histories, behavior principles and animal husbandry
  • Acquire knowledge of animal repertoire and stimuli
  • Understand gating and separation techniques
  • Participate in daily animal training sessions with direction from department management
  • Capable of maintaining animal behavior at the current level of criteria
  • Perform educational shows/presentations, maintaining a high level of showmanship
  • Actively participate in quest relations after shows/presentations and training sessions, providing accurate information
  • Able to shape and condition behavior under supervision
  • Condition at least three behaviors from its first approximation to its final form
  • Assist in animal restraint and transport procedures
  • Assist in the rescue and release of rehabilitated animals
  • Assist in handling of animals for interactions with park guests
  • Create and introduce a new EED
  • Learn and understand government agency paperwork/forms when receiving or releasing animals
  • Attend all seminars and pass all tests required
  • Perform these duties, as the department requires regardless of time, day or location

 Jodi Tuzinski - Animal Care Manager, Miami Seaquarium, 4400 Rickenbacker Causeway, Miami, FL  33149, Fax:  (305) 361-6077,

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