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Events at Miami Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium® hosts fun events in South Florida for kids all year-round! Kids can enjoy our camps filled with education, conservation and entertainment. Be sure to check back often for more fun events.

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Mommy and Me

Date: April 26

The "Mommy and Me" program at the Miami Seaquarium is designed to let parents and young children interact and learn about many of our unique animals. Parent and child will bond over animal interactions, an animal presentation, and arts and crafts. For children ages 2-5 years.

March 15th – Sea Lion Super Powers - At Miami Seaquarium, we have seals and sea lions who would love to show you their secret super powers! These are the adaptations they have that allow them to live both on land and in the water. Woah! Come learn about these super heroes and even get the chance to meet one of our stars.


April 20 – 23
Earth Day 2017 — 4 days, 4 events, 4 earth

Date: April 20 – 23

Join us for four fun and educational events for Earth Day (April 22). Each event has a focus that will engage the public and teach about some environmental issues that are surrounding their local ecosystems. Our 4 day event targets people of all ages and encourages them to be active and aware members of the community.

  • 4earth Biology By the Bay
    Thursday, April 20, 2017
    This happy hour evening event will include a guest lecture by a South Florida Marine Biologist and/or Conservationist.

  • 4earth Mini Film Fest
    Friday, April 21, 2017
    This family-friendly evening event will showcase an hour of Beneath the Waves short films about marine science.

  • 4earth Lionfish Derby
    Saturday, April 22, 2017
    Through REEF, we will host a lionfish derby. During this event in fishermen volunteer to catch lionfish and bring them back to Miami Seaquairum for scoring, data collection, and a community picnic. The afternoon will be filled with south Florida marine science and conservation vendors and workshops, including Lionfish jewelry making, music, and food!

  • 4earth Beach Cleanup
    Sunday, April 23, 2017
    A day of cleaning up our beaches! Students can attend our beach cleanup, or hold their own to help us collect data on marine debris.

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Girl Scout Program

Date: April 29-30
Time: 1:00 pm - 10:00 am
Cost: $70 per person

Minimum of 5 people required to reserve.
One free chaperone with every 10 paying participants.
$200 deposit required at least two weeks in advance.


Camp Programs

Date: February - Turtley Rad Turtles, March - Invert Alert, Spring Camp: April 10 - 14 - Pirates Take Over

Our camps are anything but ordinary! Make a huge splash any time of the year with our seasonal, week-long camps or day camps. They're fun, educational, and unique.


Home School

Come to Miami Seaquarium® to investigate the amazing world we call home. There is a homeschool class appropriate for any home-school-aged student from kindergarten through high school. Our homeschool topics features discussions on animals in the ocean, South Florida habitats, endangered species, and conservation. Each homeschool class has a hands-on component which can include labs, animal interactions, dissections, and crafts reflective of the course topic.


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