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10 of the Best Games to Play in Line at an Amusement Park

Line of happy children along rail of bridge

They are incredibly dreadful and boring. You cannot escape it. Waiting in line is probably the worst thing that we all have to experience in our lives. From grocery shopping to parking at a stadium--- you just can’t help but be patient.

Nothing pumps you up more than having the thrill of going on a ride or seeing a show, but then comes along a wait time to rain on your parade. This is especially true for theme park goers, but your favorite aquarium in Miami, Miami Seaquarium, will definitely help you find games to play while you wait in line! It won’t be so dreadful anymore to wait!

Below you’ll find top 10 ideas to have to stop that boredom!

Idea #1: Heads Up! App

Definitely a favorite! The Heads Up app (available in iTunes for $.99) from the Ellen Show is always a fun game to play wherever you are. Even if you’re their audience, it’s even fun to watch!

Idea #2: 2 Truths and a Lie

Each player has the opportunity to tell 2 facts about themselves and a lie. Everyone has a chance to guess which one is the lie. This is great game as an ice breaker if you brought someone new to join your trip or even if you’re playing with your neighbor in line!

Idea #3: The Alphabet Game

Find the letters of the alphabet from A-Z on objects around you like clothing and signs!

Idea #4: Guess the song!

Whistle or hum songs for people to guess and sing along. It’ll be a big jam session if others start joining the game!

Idea #5: Make a friend!

With the amount of people at the parks from different parts of the world, you could learn something new and even make a friend!

Idea #6: Simon Says

Oh the classic Simon Says! You may not be 7 anymore, but you can’t deny that this is still entertaining. Anyone can surely find a way to have fun with this game!

Idea #7: Charades

Oldest game in the book, but never disappoints! If your phone died and you don’t have access to your app store, then kick it old school with some charades.

Idea #8: 20 Questions

One player thinks of a person, place, or thing that all the other players know, then the remaining players ask questions to discover what the first player is thinking.

Idea #9: I Spy

So many classics! There’s so much to see while waiting in line. Pick anything that catches your eye and describe it!

Idea #10: Snack Break

Get a small snack before you start waiting in line. A quick taste of something that can’t melt is often a big hit when you’re waiting in line and start to get hungry.

Waiting in line is inevitable, but we all pull through at the end of the day. Try some of these suggestions and see just how fast time will fly by!