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Best Activities for 4th of July Weekend

Take the kids outside this 4th of July

Fourth of July celebration

With the summer heating up and the 4th of July right around the corner, it’s time to get outside and have some fun in Miami! We’ve rounded up some of the best fun family activities for you to enjoy this holiday weekend, and the best part is, they’re fun in the daytime and the night!

So before (or after) you celebrate America with some 4th of July fireworks and other Fourth of July events, have some fun with your kids with these activities!

Homemade recycled bottle sprinkler

Keep the kids cool during all your 4th of July activities with this simple recycled bottle sprinkler.

What you’ll need:
• Recycled 2-liter bottle
• Water hose
• Male to male adaptor

What you do:
1. Poke holes into the 2-liter bottles with some scissors
2. Attach the male to male adaptor to the hose and then on to the bottle
3. Toss the hose over a tree branch
4. Have fun!

Recycled bottle glow stick bowling

This activity will be great for winding down after watching Fourth of July fireworks.

What you’ll need:
• 6 – 10 recycled bottles
• Assorted glow sticks, enough to make sure that all pins will be brightly lit
• Ball heavy enough to knock over your bottle pins

What you do:
1. Clean bottles to make sure that they are all clean of what was in them before
2. Take the cap off of every bottle and put the desired amount of glow sticks into each one
3. Top each bottle off with water and cap tightly
4. Set up your bowling lane outside
5. Have fun!

Want to make this a bit more competitive? Make sure to keep score!

Outdoor scrabble

If you can make a holiday activity educational without your kids being able to tell you are winning at parenting!

What you’ll need:
• Recycled cardboard all cut to be 12x12 squares
• Several alphabet sets made from recycled magazines and newspapers
• Glue

What you do:
1. Glue all letters to the 12x12 cardboard
2. Give each child 5 letters to begin
3. Have fun!

Recycled milk jug catch

What you need:
•Two plastic milk cartons or laundry detergent bottles
• Electrical or painters tape
•Other materials to decorate the bottles, like paint, markers, glitter, and stickers
•Lightweight ball for a game of catch

What you do:
1. Wash and dry two plastic milk cartons or laundry detergent bottles.
2. Have an adult use sharp scissors to cut the milk or detergent bottle.
3. Cut the bottom of the bottles off.
4. One side of each bottle will have a handle on it. Starting from the bottom of each bottle, cut straight up along the left edge, stopping two inches below handle-level.
5. Cut across the side of the bottle, underneath the handle, and down the right edge of the bottle.
6. Once finished with the above cuts, you should have made a "U" shape under the handle of the bottle.
7. Use the electrical or painters tape to cover cut plastic edges.
8. Use paint, markers, stickers, or other fun materials to decorate the bottles.
Have a great game of catch with your new, personalized catching mitt!

Waste No Water challenge

What you’ll need:
• Several open mouth recycled containers of the same size, soup cans are great
• Water
• Two designated spots for team members

What you do:
1. Fill one container for every team. Make sure that the container is filled to the brim
2. Set a start and finish point
3. At a signal, the first runner heads for the finish line, walks over the line, turns around and heads back to his or her team, and passes the container to the next person in line
4. At the end of the race, the team with the most water still in the container is the winner
5. Have fun!

Hopefully these activities are a great addition to your family’s 4th of July weekend and create unforgettable summer memories for everyone.