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8 Theme Park Tips on How to Save Time

Park employee shows children turtle

Spending your weekend at a theme park can be some of the best days for creating fun, memorable family moments, but we all know waiting in long lines don’t make you want to say “best day ever!”. If you are looking to save time at theme parks, your very own aquarium in Miami, Miami Seaquarium, is happy to share some tips that'll help ensure your day goes well!

Here’s our best advice to avoid the long waits anywhere at the park.

Tip #1: Buy Your Tickets Online

There are so many reasons why you should buy your theme park tickets online. Avoiding the long line of people waiting in line to a buy a ticket to the park is the best way to start your day. Not only can buying your tickets online help you save money with online discounts, but it’s faster and more convenient!

Tip #2: Get Fast Passes!

Theme parks like Walt Disney World or Universal Orlando Resorts have a wonderful invention called fast passes or express passes. This has definitely been a life saver for people who want to get their favorite rides done back to back. Visiting the park’s website and downloading the parks app can help you get fast passes in Disney’s case or asking a park employee on how to get an express pass at Universal Orlando Resorts can help you get these special passes. With this, you’ll be able to go through the lines in half the time and enjoy all rides at the park!

MSQ also offers VIP tours for guest who want to go through all the exhibits and presentations in half a day and even have time to fit in an animal encounter of their choice!

Tip #3: Early Entry

Some amusement parks have early entry for season pass holders or other special groups where the park is accessible only to these people for an hour before it opens to the general public. For example, at Walt Disney World, hotel guests get to participate in ‘Extra Magic Hours’ where a select theme park will open early or close late for resort guests only.

Tip #4: Going Solo?

Look for the single rider line! One of the biggest benefits of visiting theme parks by yourself is using the single rider line. Taking this route can save a huge amount of time, especially during busier periods such as, spring break, summer and the holidays!

Tip #5: Ask about Child Swap

If you’re bringing young kids with you, they probably won’t be able to go on all the rides you want to hit. Don’t worry! Most theme parks offer child swap. It allows you and one of your adult companions to go on the same attraction one at a time without having to leave the kids alone or wait in line twice!

Ask an attendant at the theme park you’re visiting how their child swap policy works.

Tip #6: Make Breakfast or Dinner Reservations

Theme parks often consist of one to three dining establishments, and the rest of them are casual dining or just small stands. Making a reservation for breakfast (before you explore the park) or dinner, this could reduce your time in the park by a lot more than you think. It could also throw off your system of traveling through the park. At lunchtime it’s best to just go with the place that’s closest!

Tip #7: Give Your Family a Time Limit in the Gift Shop

Gift shops in theme parks contain tons and tons of kid’s favorite characters or something that catches your teens eye, so your kids are likely to drag you into them. Give them a five or ten minute time limit, depending on the store size.

Tip #8: Start with a Ride at the Back of the Amusement Park

When you enter the park, your family will want to run to the first attraction they see. But the ride at the entrance to the park always has a much longer wait than it’s worth. The best thing to do is to start with a ride toward the back of the amusement park and work your way around in a circle or the closest you can get to one.

Hope these amusement park tips serve you and your family good during your day out in the park!