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5 Amusement Park Food Ideas

Delicious tacos and nachos

Kids can get impatient and bored while waiting in line for a ride, and sometimes they can get hungry. We hear you family! So don’t worry, your very own aquarium in Miami, Miami Seaquarium will help you with some amusement park food ideas for those who have a specific diet and even what to bring to an amusement park!

Here are some tips.

Idea #1: Snacks

When traveling with little ones, you know there will many snack breaks throughout the day and you’ll even find yourself craving something to eat while walking out in the sun! Whenever you are getting ready to head out to the parks, make sure to pack a variety of snacks and water (stay hydrated!) for everyone. This avoids long waits at any snack stands!

Idea #2: Greens Only

Call the park ahead of time and find out what healthy options the food service provides. All amusement parks have a great healthy option for you, if you are looking to eat at the park. Miami Seaquarium has a variety of yummy salads for all salad lovers to enjoy. Remember that parks are pretty huge, so make sure you identify the right spots to purchase a salad so you can plan to be close by at lunch time.

Idea #3: Take a Day Off From Your Diet.

When faced with ice cream, fried dough, sizzling sausages and gallons of soda—how can you resist?! It can be hard to deny yourself these treats sometimes, especially when you’re surrounded by them. Don’t be afraid to let go for the day and enjoy your vacation!

Idea #4: Go to Your Car at Lunch Time.

Many fairs and amusement parks will stamp your hand and allow you to reenter for the day. Pack a cooler with your favorites, find a cool spot to eat, and have a picnic! This can be a relaxing way to break up the day of riding roller coasters or seeing shows and dealing with big crowds of people.

Idea #5: Lookout for Meal Deals

Many parks have a meal plan for families to use throughout the day. Miami Seaquarium offers big groups the chance to buy “Flipper Dollars” by calling in advance. This works for anyone who wants to spread them out with the family and they’ll have the chance to use them for anything they would like to get at the park.

So there you have it—take advantage of the list of ideas above for you and your family to enjoy a full day at the park! With these tips, you can have all of the fun and keep your tummy satisfied!