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Manatee Conservation

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YOU can help Manatees

At Home:

  • Support organizations that help injured manatees. Miami Seaquarium® is one of only three facilities in the State of Florida with a letter of authorization from the US Fish and Wildlife Service as a Manatee Critical Care Facility.
  • Education is the key to manatee conservation. Learn about manatees and educate boaters, people that live along the coast, and beachgoers about them.
  • Participate in a beach or waterway clean up. Manatees can become entangled in garbage, causing them serious injuries.
  • Recycle trash when possible.

On the Water:

  • Be watchful for manatees when boating! Boat propellers can cut a manatee.
  • Wear polarized sunglasses so you can see into the water and steer clear of manatees.
  • Follow posted speed signs. The impact of a speeding boat can break a manatee's bones.
  • Make sure to secure trash when you are on a boat.

At the Beach:

  • Keep your distance and do not attempt to feed, give water to, or touch manatees.
  • Always clean up your trash when leaving the beach.

If a manatee is observed in distress or a dead manatee is sighted, contact the FWC Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888-404-FWCC.


VIDEO: A Manatee Named OX

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