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Miami Seaquarium Corporate Team Building Activities & Events

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When it comes to planning where you want your corporate team building event and retreat to be held at, Miami Seaquarium is an ideal venue for enjoying an entertaining day while building team synergy and strengthening relationships! Miami Seaquarium offers more variety and excitement than the usual seminars, dinners, and training programs. If your company has a large variety of employees, bringing them to sunny Key Biscayne for a beautiful view of the city of Miami and getting some education on marine animals will make their day pretty interesting and unforgettable!

From swimming with dolphins and seals to cuddling next to a penguin, your team can experience a unique encounter of their choice. Plus, a private picnic tent and fascinating exhibits can add on to the full experience!

The Benefits of Team Building

Team building activities for corporate companies work well for every age group in multiple environments. This is known for establishing trust, building feelings of camaraderie, improving communication, and developing collective strategies that make a team successful. The successful completion of most team building tasks requires sharing ideas with each other, trying new approaches, and cooperating together as a team.

Corporate Team Building Games

Theme parks are a great way for your team to build closer relationships, experience being in a completely different location that is different from where they work, and to simply have fun! It is especially a lot different than regular offices when you have the kind of team building experience with Miami Seaquarium. Take a look at some corporate team building games you can do here with us at Miami Seaquarium and in any other attractions below!

Game #1: Miami Seaquarium Scavenger Hunt!

Game #2: Sharky’s Sky Trail

This is a great way to build trust with your team and have some bonding time! Sharky’s Sky Trail definitely gets you out of your comfort zone as you climb your way through different levels. Make it a game! Everyone can divide into different teams and make a competition of who can get through the sky trail the fastest. Your team will learn time management, work as a team to get from one point to the next, and create a committed bond that makes it to the end!

Game #3: Human Knot

At Miami Seaquarium, since we have the privilege of being located in sunny South Florida, the park can offer the corporate team to take over the back field (which overlooks the beautiful city of Miami) for a game of human knot! It works best with smaller groups, so divide a large group into teams of six to eight players and employees will learn teamwork skills and problem solving as they attempt to form their human knot. Begin with each individual facing inward, standing in a closed circle. Extend your arms into the center of the circle and randomly grab the hands and wrists of another individual. The challenge consists of untangling without loosening their hands!

Game #4: Mystery Drawing Marine Animal Edition

Take advantage of Miami Seaquarium’s event tent and have catered food while your team plays some games! Break your group into pairs and have each pair decide who will be the illustrator and who will be the director. Give a drawing to each director, in this case a choice of a marine animal, instructing him or her not to disclose the drawing to his or her partner (the illustrator). Give a blank piece of paper and a pencil to the illustrators and have both of them sit back to back. The directors will describe the drawing step-by-step to the illustrators who attempt to replicate the drawing. To make the process a bit more challenging, do not allow the illustrators to ask questions. When everyone is finished, have them compare their drawings. This team building exercise improves each participant’s ability to give and receive directions and creates more team bonding!

Corporate Team Building Events

Corporate team building events can be expensive. If you have a limited budget, Miami Seaquarium is a great cost-efficient alternative. We can offer your team a discounted group rate for a fun and productive experience. Contact us for more information about our group rates and specials here or call us at (305) 365-2501.

Take a look at some of the unique offers Miami Seaquarium can give to your team building event below!

Event #1: Miami Seaquarium Dolphin Odyssey

Miami Seaquarium’s Dolphin Odyssey is a fun and educational event where the team is able to experience a unique encounter with dolphins. This experience gives the team a chance to have fun, bond with one another, and expand everyone’s knowledge about these loving dolphins.

Event #2: Miami Seaquarium Seal Swim

Swim with a seal! Now this is definitely something you don’t get to do at your office! Miami Seaquarium’s Seal Swim offers not only an educational experience, but also a pretty cool unique swim featuring a little kiss from the seal. Plus, your team has the chance to enjoy a full day of shows and exhibits around the park. It will give your team the chance to bond and learn something new!

Event #3: Miami Seaquarium All-New Penguin Encounter

If your team isn’t a large group of employees, then this encounter is great for you! Learn about our African penguins at Penguin Isle in Miami Seaquarium and immerse yourself in their environment with our all-new penguin encounter! Providing your group a unique interaction with one of the world’s most beloved birds allows your group to experience them in an intimate setting. Being in a one-on-one setting with this experience makes it incredible and you’ll be able to see how well they warm up to you!

Event #4: Miami Seaquarium VIP Tour

Get the ultimate and private experience at Miami Seaquarium with a VIP tour. Your team will have the opportunity to get up-close and personal with one of our exotic animal friends. A personal tour guide will take you on an adventure where you will experience a variety of activities that may include meeting an iguana or macaw, feeding our manatees, stingrays, and sea turtles and having a photo opportunity with a sea lion or dolphin. After the tour is done, stay and enjoy our exciting marine mammal shows!

Corporate Events FL at Miami Seaquarium

Having your corporate team building activities and event at Miami Seaquarium gives you a great opportunity to learn new things about marine animals, bond with your team, and expand your skills. This allows your team to go back to the office in better spirits and the chance to work stronger together as a team!