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Fun Birthday Party Ideas in Miami

Children watching birthday girl blow out candles on cake

Having a hard time finding a fun party idea for your child and don’t really want to break the bank? Look no further: we’ve got a list of the best birthday party ideas! We went ahead and categorized the idea to a child’s likes and personality, so feel free to scroll through and find the one best suited for your child!

The Reader: Throw a literary party! Let all the attendees know that they should dress up as their favorite literary character. This will make guessing who they’re dressed as so much fun! You can also have each guest bring a book with them and have a great birthday gift exchange.

The Learner: Take your learner out of the house and let them learn with 14 of their friends. You can have your party at Miami Seaquarium which includes food for everyone, park admission, a decorated space, and the birthday cake! You don’t have to worry about much else since everyone is going to be enjoying all the park has to offer.

The DIYer: For this style, you’re going to have a lot of fun picking from our Pinterest your Pinterest projects that fit your theme. You can host this party at a local park or even in your own backyard! Set tables up in a big open square and cover them in brown paper (this will make clean up a breeze). You can use the same brown paper you used to cover the tables to label the craft that is available at that table. You’ll just need to buy all the separate items for the crafts you want the guests to create as well as print easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to complete the craft.

The Drama Enthusiast: This one might be our favorite. For your drama enthusiast, you can host a red carpet party where all guests come dressed up in tuxedos and feather boas. Roll out that red carpet and set up a step and repeat where everyone can stand and take photos out of a thrifted bed sheet and some paints. Kids will love looking glam!

Money saving tips!

Make your own invites: Have your child help you out on how to design the card and have them draft it on paper with some crayons. This will let them know that they are involved in the planning of their party and they will be so happy when they see the end result!

Borrow, don’t buy: Know of a friend that owns a party speaker? Don’t buy or rent one, invite that friend over for some party fun and ask them to lend you their speaker. It’s a win-win situation.

DIY an entertainment table: There are so many coloring sheets available on the internet for anyone to print out. Find some that fit your theme, or even some that don’t! Later, round up all those crayons that you’ve gathered over the years and arrange them in glorious rainbow order for a DIY activity table where little ones can sit and color.

Cut back on cake costs: Make a second table solely for cupcake decoration. Buy some boxed cake mix, or whip some up yourself if you’re down for the challenge—just make sure to bake enough cupcakes for everyone in attendance. Set up a few different colored bags of icing as well as different colored/shaped sprinkles and let the party goers go wild!

These are some of our birthday party ideas for kids we thought would make your life a little easier. Kids don’t expect to have super fancy parties, they just want to have fun and be able to see all of their school friends out of school, and of course, eat lots of sweets!

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