Due to the effects of Hurricane Irma, the park will be temporarily closed. Please check back here or on social media for further updates.

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Dolphin Interactions

Meet, play, and swim with dolphins in Miami Seaquarium during a unique, educational adventure with one of the ocean's most beloved creatures!


Gain a better understanding of Florida's natural resources and learn how you can make a difference in protecting endangered species.

Rescue & Rehabilitation

Learn more about the countless manatees, sea turtles, and dolphins Miami Seaquarium® has rescued, rehabilitated and released.

Reef Rangers

Throughout its 60-year history in South Florida, Miami Seaquarium® has been devoted to wildlife conservation and education. Our Reef Ranger program supports both those efforts by inviting kids to become part of Miami Seaquarium® Reef Ranger team. Reef Rangers learn about endangered species, marine conservation, and most importantly, what they can do to help the planet.

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