Conservation at Miami Seaquarium


Here at Miami Seaquarium, we are passionate about environmental protection, science and conservation.

Rescue, Rehab & Release

60 Years of Caring

Miami Seaquarium® is committed to wildlife conservation and the rescue, rehabilitation and release of distressed marine mammals. This commitment began even before the park first opened its doors. In July of 1955, the park's conservation work began when Maime, a 3 week old, 47 pound manatee was rescued after being injured.

Since that first rescue in 1955, Miami Seaquarium® has rescued, rehabilitated and released countless manatees, sea turtles, dolphins and whales. Since 2002, more than 80 manatees have been rescued and rehabilitated at Miami Seaquarium®.

Manatee Rescue & Rehabilitation

Miami Seaquarium® is one of only three facilities in the State of Florida with a letter of authorization from the US Fish and Wildlife Service as a Manatee Critical Care Facility. The park's highly trained animal rescue team includes divers, staff veterinarians and animal caretakers who are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As a part of its commitment to conservation, Miami Seaquarium® has documented many firsts in the area of manatee care in its 60-year history. These 'firsts' include:

  • The first manatee to be conceived and born in the care of man.
  • The first manatee rehabilitation facility to document "spontaneous lactation" among female manatees
  • The first manatee to be diagnosed using an MRI test
  • The first neurological surgery performed on an injured manatee using the same rod and pin system used to repair human spinal cord injuries
  • The rehabilitation and release of the first manatee to survive a deadly condition called Pyothorax known to be fatal to all previous manatees
  • The release of the smallest manatee to have ever been rescued, rehabilitated and released.

Today Miami Seaquarium® is at the forefront of manatee rescue and rehabilitation techniques and is recognized as having one of the leading marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation teams in the country.

Sea Turtle Rescue & Rehabilitation