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School Field Trips filled with Edu-Tainment!

During a field trip to Miami Seaquarium students will have the opportunity to see high flying marine mammals at our shows, find out what makes a species endangered and witness our rescue and rehab facilities first hand. Students will learn about what it means to conserve the oceans at our brand new Conservation Outpost and most importantly, see how they can play their part in making our world a better place for them, and animals to live.

We have facilities that cater to all ages (K-12) as well as online scavenger hunts and field study guides for teachers to utilize on their trip. Take the plunge and immerse your students in the underwater world during a field trip to Miami Seaquarium!

What’s New!

Penguin Isle - Explore the world of the endangered African Penguin, the newest residents at Miami Seaquarium.

Conservation Outpost - Our newest exhibit will take you through a timeline of our achievements in conservation over the past 60 years. Students will be able to learn about the threats facing manatees and sea turtles and what they can do to help.

Reef Rangers Program - Come to our conservation outpost for some EDU-tainment where one of our education instructors will have a fun hands on activity that will help kids learn about ocean conservation. Finish our Reef Ranger Scavenger Hunt and become a Reef Ranger with a free Reef Ranger pin!

Educational Orca Whale Presentation - Learn all about Killer Whale conservation efforts right here in South Florida!

Field Trip Upgrades!

School Group Lunch
$ 5.00 per person
One (1) Hamburger or one (1) hot dog, a bag of chips and one small juice
Lunch orders must be received no later than 7 business days before your scheduled field trip. Once your lunch order is received you will receive an updated field trip confirmation/invoice. Subject to availability. 
Download Lunch Form

Sharky’s SkyTrail Adventure
$ 5.00 per person 
(Cash payment collected at exhibit) 
Students must have a sign waiver in order to participate. Download Waiver

How to Book!

Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Broward County Public Schools & School District of Palm Beach County

Call (305) 365-2507
Fax Request Form to (305) 365-2504
Email: reservations@msq.cc

Special rates available for all other groups!

For reservations and rates speak with a Sales Representative by calling (305) 365-2518

Scavenger Hunts/Classroom Info

Want a great way to make your students' next field trip to the park more educational? Simply print off one of our age appropriate park-wide scavenger hunts. It's a great way to fill your students with fun facts about our exotic and aquatic animal friends!

Print these exciting scavenger hunts - with activities for kindergarten through high school students

Kindergarden & 1st Grade



Second & Third Grade



Fourth & Fifth Grade



Sixth through Eighth Grade



High School



Florida Standards of Education Presentations
Want to bring what you’re teaching in class to Miami Seaquarium? Miami Seaquarium offers presentations that are based directly of the Florida Standards of Education. Teachers have the opportunity to work directly with our education department and create a curriculum correlating to what they are teaching in class.

Click here to view examples of already-made curriculum.

With a variety of guided presentation programs, the Education Department at Miami Seaquarium® offers students and youth groups the opportunity to take a closer look at our many animals and natural creatures. Choose from a host of themes for this unique experience. And, for an additional fee, bring your students up-close to a Green Sea Turtle, touch an Endangered Manatee, or feed a 500 lb. Sea Lion!

Cost: $3 - $4 Per Participant (in addition to admission cost) 
Minimum  10 Participants

Select ONE of these exciting themes for your presentation:
*Please book presentations 2 weeks in advance

NEW! Birds of a Feather – African penguins have made Miami Seaquarium their new home! Come learn about the endangered species and what human related threats are harming them. Find out more about the Macaws and other parrots that live at the park too! The animal interaction is holding one of our birds. This program is appropriate for students in grades K-12.

Cost: $4.00 per participant Duration: 45 minutes Class size: 10-100 students

Sea Turtle Alert – Get up-close and comfortable with sea turtles found in South Florida. Learn how you can help save these endangered reptiles as we discuss the myths and mysteries of our ancient aquatic ancestors. Your animal interaction is a sea turtle feeding session. This program is appropriate for students grades K – 12.

Cost: $3.00 per participant Duration: 45 minutes Class size: 10-60 students

Fishtacular Fish – Come learn about all kinds of fish under the sea! From freaky and funky deep sea fish to those mysterious and cartilaginous sharks and stingrays, we got it all. Students will have the opportunity to discuss the differences between all kinds of fish and much more. The animal interaction will be feeding the sting rays. This program is appropriate for students in grades K – 12.

Cost: $4.00 per participant Duration: 45 minutes Class size: 10-60 students

Seal Studies – Seals, sea lions and walruses, oh my! Join in the fun as we explore more about the dogs of the sea and their amazing underwater adaptations. For your animal interaction, you will meet one of our seals or sea lions. This program is appropriate for students in grades K – 12.

Cost: $4.00 per participant Duration: 45 minutes Class size: 10-40 students (for a seal/sea lion feed or touch) 10 – 80 students (to see one of our seals or sea lions up close and talk to one of our trainers)

Techniques in Training – Ever wonder what it takes to become a marine mammal trainer? Be introduced to a day in the life of our stars as we discuss the differences in show, play, train and husbandry sessions. Learn how trainers use natural behavior and positive reinforcements to share the behaviors you see in our shows. This program includes a “meet and greet” with one of our marine mammal trainers. This program is appropriate for students in grades 6-12.

Cost: $3.00 per participant Duration: 45 minutes Class size: 10-100 students

Manatee Expedition – Bring your students face-to-face with rescued and rehabilitating manatees as we discuss reasons for their endangerment, basic anatomy, evolution and preservation of the species. Your animal interaction is a manatee touch and feed session. This program is appropriate for students in grades K-12.

Cost: $4.00 per participant Duration: 45 minutes Class size: 10-50 students


For more information about our educational programs and reservations, please call the Education Department at (305) 361- 5705 ext. 207 or email us at education@msq.cc 

Bring Miami Seaquarium® right to your classroom with our Marine Science/Conservation Outreach Program. Choose from a host of themes or let us design a program specific to your needs.

Classroom Presentation, up to 50 students
1st program $100 Per Presentation
2nd program on same day $50

Assembly, up to 150 students
1st program $200
2nd program on same day $100

$25 additional travel fee for schools located further than 15 miles from our park grounds on Key Biscayne.

Length: 45 Minutes, includes presentation and question-and-answer session.

Program may include:

  • Visit from Our Educational Specialists
  • Slide Show
  • Animal Artifacts

For more information about these and other educational programs and resources, please call the Education Department at (305) 361-5705 ext. 207

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